Sire 2024: Celebrat10n of New Friendships, New Instruments, and New Opportunities

We are already 10 years in the industry this year! There is so much to be grateful about and we started celebrating it by being part of the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) 2024. It was held last January 25 to 28 at the Anaheim Convention Center in California where we participated, together with the other known music companies, by having a large booth at the event where we showcased not only our fresh lineups of electric and guitar basses but also the amazing talents from different nations and generations, led by none other than one of our Sire flag bearers, the Guitar Legend, Larry Carlton.

It was a joy and music-filled 4-day event with all kinds of musicians and enthusiasts gathering to check out and get a taste of all our instruments displayed. There were lots of jamming and mentoring that happened at our booth. Watch the highlights of the performances below.

The 2024 Sire Marcus Miller Basses

Introducing the new Sire 2024 bass model series: Z series, F series, and the GB series. The Z series, composed of Z3 and Z7, features basses offering deeper lows from equalization made for players looking for groovy humbucker sounds, wherein the Z7 is the higher variant in the series. They have a distinguished egg-shaped pickguard added to the Sire signature build, hardware, and electronics, and considered finest for its cost. The new F10 is the latest high-end Sire bass crafted with only premium materials featuring Poplar Burl, showcasing a bass line that goes through careful quality checks to ensure top-notch instruments. Lastly, the GB series consists of the new acoustic bass models offering rich resonance and upright bass tones from chambered bodies suited for players pursuing unplugged or smooth jazz music.

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The 2024 Sire Larry Carlton Guitars

Alongside with the very interesting lineup of new basses, we have also launched new guitar lines during the NAMM 2024. We have an even wider array of new electric guitar models such as the J series, X series, G series, and more addition to the L, S, T, and H series. Each lineup has unique characteristics offering more choices to different kinds of players. The J series embody more traditional and vintage vibes from its traditional Jazz guitar body and sound. The X series offers a heavier set up from look to sound for players in the heavier format of music. The G series models are electric guitars with acoustic sound from its chambered body and acoustic strings, one variant comes with nylon strings for more unplugged feels. Then, finally, we now have a full-size hollow body guitar as many have been requesting. We’ve also added a variant in the H series that has a tremolo unit for players who dig country fingerstyle picking, '60s rock, indie jangle, power pop or classic rock. Meanwhile, three additional variants have been added to the L series including the one with the new LC lipstick tube single coil pickups in SSS configuration. We have also added premium models in the S series including the one that comes in illuminating translucent Green color configured with Seymour Duncan branded pickups. Lastly, the T series has two new interesting variants for specific needs of different musicians technically and also aesthetically.

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We’re continually building relationships with the community to strengthen our brand. At the NAMM show, our leaders were able to meet different personalities of different nationalities and status. It was so nice to see people coming to our booth, trying out our guitars, then leaving with smiles on their faces. While many who attended the NAMM were able to check out our instruments, those who did not may only rely on the reviews and demos done by some of our friends and partners. Special thanks to our loyal partners who covered the event and initially created videos you may have a glimpse of what transpired at the NAMM show as well as for you to have a listen at our 2024 models specially.

Watch these videos created by Thomann and Andertons Music to see our Sire 2024 bass and electric guitars lineup.
Thomann's Guitars & Basses

Andertons Music Co
Watch some of the highlights of the NAMM show at the Sire booth featuring Larry Carlton.