Darrell Braun Weighs Up the Sire 2022 Guitar Models, What are His Assessments?

If you’re one of our frequent blog readers, you’re aware that Darrell Braun is one of the trusted critics who give us honest reviews of our electric guitars. Many of his social media, especially YouTube followers long to hear what he has to say about a new or a certain instrument. That is why on the release of our latest Larry Carlton guitar models, the S3, T3, L7V, and the H7V, we’re glad that he takes time to review them and here’s what he has to say per model.

Braun describes our single-cut electric guitar as ‘One of the mid-range guitars he has ever played.’ He even specifically notes, “there are VERY few guitars on the market that can match the features and playability of this one!”

In his H7V unboxing video, he describes our semi-hollow model as a ‘perfect’ vintage electric guitar.’ He personally likes the bright and articulate tones coming from the newly added LC P90 pickups, which are also present in the L7V.

At first look, Darrell Braun is impressed with the shape and body build details that the T3 has. Opening up the controls, we have nicely configured full-sized pots, metal switch, and high quality components like the ones in the S3, too, which Braun says he only sees in higher guitar tiers. On the neck, the T3 also has the Edgeless™ Rosewood fingerboard, which is present also in our S3.

If you’ve loved our Sire S7 and or bass line’s 3 series, our new Sire S3 brings you just the same amount of joy while bringing you more value for the money. Braun explains why he says in his video that S3 is the ‘best budget’ S-style guitar he’s ever played. We also want to share his personal insight on the Sire S3, saying that “this guitar is (a) proof that you DON'T have to spend a lot of cash to get a beautiful guitar!” Fun fact, the time Darrell Braun released his video on his Sire S3 unboxing, the inquiries and orders of the said model coming from different regions spiked up.

If you haven’t checked out these models yet, watch the full videos of Darrell Braun reviewing our 2022 electric guitar models from his YouTube Channel below so you can already grab one of your own.

Sire L7V

Sire H7V

Sire T3

Sire S3