EDGELESS: The Future of Guitar Necks

Comfort and style, besides quality, are some of the essentials in our busy lifestyle in this day and age. We want our stuff maximized and very convenient to use. Have you seen this latest phone that one of the big mobile and technology companies released this year?

Edgeless phones started to become a trend in 2017. People loved the feature because the curved edges let them see a fuller view of the screen, handle the gadget more easily and basically enjoy more of what their money’s worth.

Many other edgeless objects are now being invented and sold in the market to make our jobs hassle-free and our leisure more enjoyable. From household materials, cloth to metal, glass and wood, we sure have ways to carve everything the right way.

At Sire, we have our own way to bring you every bit of these benefits in our instruments. Since 2018, we have been reimagining this well-known neck feature that’s not only present in only one or some of our guitars, but is present to all. And, this year, we introduce EDGELESS™️ for your comfort.

Since the launch of our 2nd Generation bass models, those which have the rolled fretboard edges in 2018, we observed that people got easily sold out with the smoothened or should we say, rolled fretboard edges on the neck of our bass and electric guitars. Made from choice woods, these rolled fingerboard edges are designed to discount the uneasy feeling of sharp edges when you move your fingers around the fretboard to switch from one chord to another.

Musicians constantly give positive feedback about the comfort this feature gives and how it helps them play for longer hours. That’s why we decided that this feature should be present in all of our instruments from that day on.

“The neck shape is what it’s all about… which feels quite comfortable, very easy to play.” - John Cordy
“That neck is insane!” - Johnny Dibble
“This bass feels really comfortable.” - The Bass Channel
“All the fret ends are nicely done.” - The SuperFunAwesomeHappyTime Pedal Show!
“Fantastic fretwork… Nothing really touches it in terms of built quality.” - Darrell Braun

Check out this video with Marcus Miller talking about our Sire neck features.

EDGELESS™️ is an added milestone in fulfilling our vision to make every musician Experience the Joy of Music with Sire.