Larry Carlton Expresses Joy about the latest Sire Electric Guitar Releases in the Sweetwater Special

The new Sire bass and electric guitar lines are now available in several continents. In fact, we’ve been seeing reviews of Sire players who already got a hold of theirs since last year to date. But, is anyone curious about what Marcus Miller and Larry Carlton have to say about the new instruments? We’re fortunate because we can hear their thoughts now through a run of interviews arranged by one of our distinguished partners, Sweetwater as hosted by Mitch Gallagher.


In the interview with Larry Carlton, they feature the new electric guitar 3-series, the Sire T3 and the Sire S3. With these new releases, Carlton says that the brand promise of Sire still remains, “keep the quality up, the price point down, so many people can enjoy quality instruments.” And, as a guitarist himself, Mitch Gallagher emphasizes the neck and fret construction he sees in the Sire T3 that he describes to be not quite vintage and not quite flat- that’s very comfortable for both chording and soloing.

One thing you have to watch out for, or best, try out in the new Sire T-style and S-style is the work done on the neck and the frets. Larry Carlton demonstrates the clarity of the notes produced by these new gears. He mentions that he always plays Sire guitars on his tours for it’s been no compromise for him to walk out on stage and do his thing with these guitars.

Talking about comfort? Mitch and Larry discuss the ergonomic design of the new e-guitars that adds up to the playability and comfort, features that many players will surely pay for aside from the tone.

Watch the full video here: Larry Carlton on his Signature Sire S3 & T3 Electric Guitars