Letting the Joy of Music Live on

Part of our brand promise, Joy of Music, is the superior playability so Sire users can focus more in continuing their passion for music without worrying about their gears. Partnered with Marcus Miller, we’re pleased to have released new bass models that are easy to play build-wise and tone-wise in 2022. And, we have been securing availability of these products at every Sire dealer in different parts of the Globe so that players who are interested will get to enjoy them now.
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In this blog, we’re featuring one of the models which so far has received interesting reviews and made positive uproars in the social media, Sire V5R. It is our new all-vintage bass with the Edgeless™ Rosewood fingerboard. Valuing our customers’ requests, while preserving the vintage quality and class in our Sire V5, we’ve added the Rosewood fingerboard for a more relaxed and enjoyable playing experience.
Click this link to know more about this bass: Sire Marcus Miller V5R
Meanwhile, our classic Sire V5 is still available, now with added Champagne Gold Metallic finish in the roster.

For players who find joy in using premium instruments for their gigs and need a very secure and durable hard case to transport them during tours, we offer our new Sire V10dx and P10dx for you. Our Sire friends who have seen and tried these new basses describe them as a new height of indulgence referring to the overall sound and look they put forward. Some would even enjoy the convenience of having in these releases tuners and bridges upgraded to Hipshot, the best known American hardware brand for guitars. Built with choice wood materials topped with solid flame Maple in the body, you’ll easily notice the delicate craftsmanship applied in these premium J and PJ basses just by looking and feeling them, how much more when you already try to make them sound!

Watch how Lee of Andertons Music Co. tests out and enjoys the new Sire V10dx and P10dx.

As for the highlight in our new electric guitar models, Sire H7V and L7V, which marks a step up in the overall tonal experience, is the improved pickups set, now a Sire LC P90. The L7V has the soapbar variety which houses a good treble response, so they sound bright and crisp, just right for playing most music genres. On the other hand, the H7V, the semi-hollow guitar type which Larry Carlton is most known for playing, has the dogear P90 pickups. This type expresses more vintage quality from the look to the sound it produces, which is a weathered punchy mid-range growl and versatile tone that goes well with any music styles.

Check out the review of John Nathan Cordy on the new Sire H7V.

We want to know how our new Sire instruments affected your playing experience this 2023 so far! Share your stories to us by emailing to talktosire@gmail.com or simply tag or mention us on your socials.