Maximizing our Ms today!

If you’re looking for a strong but fresh style, tone, and personality in a bass guitar, our Marcus Miller M series got you! Shortly after the launch of our former flag bearer, V7 and the rest of the V series, one of the next models that came up were the Ms, in which M was not officially defined but in the essence of the characteristics of the basses built in this line, we can tell that they look “modern” in style and performance level.

The M2, M5, and the M7 are originally created for contemporary players who love to explore the heavier side of music– rock, metal, and similar genres. The M line body shapes, not to add the finishes, are more stylish than the usuals. What’s more exciting is the rolled fretboard edges that makes the playing easy and comfortable. The entire neck experience is the same as that of the other Sire gears available.

In terms of the tone, we are surprised to learn that our Sire friends get to explore the gear playing not only heavy music but also jazz, pop, and other light genres. It means our dual humbuckers work for all music styles!

Browse through some fun social media posts from our M series users:

Photo posted on Instagram by@jupiter_jufighterjupi and he wrote featuring the Sire M2:
When nothing can take your smile away from you…

Photo owned by @callumordmusic. He wrote: 6 months on and still loving playing fretless! And more importantly still loving the Sire M5!

Photo owned by @locurtthehumanz featuring the Sire M7.

Dig into these two review and demo videos made for the M5 in 2021 by The LowEndLobster YT channel and one made for the M7 by Josh Herman YouTube Channel back when the M7 was recently launched.