Meet the new members of the Sire Family!

Every year, we release fresh additions to the bass and electric guitar series that our Sire community love. We bring out those that the community asks for, be it a whole new model or a modified version of the existing. We even add finishes or enhance the features of the pieces that the community already enjoy playing. In July of this year, we revealed the 24-fret version of the our V5 bass, our new Larry Carlton signature S3 with three single-coil pickups, and new finishes for the T7 and S7 Vintage, which also now both come with Rosewood fingerboard (for the new finishes only).

As Sire continues to listen to the community, we were able to come up this year with one most commonly requested version of our passive vintage bass, Sire V5. Now, our players and those who’d like to try can now enjoy it in full two-octave range with the Sire Marcus Miller V5-24. It comes in both 4-string and 5-string variants and in different interesting colors to match wide preferences of our players.
View full features and specs here: Sire Marcus Miller V5 24 Fret

Our Larry Carlton signature Sire S3 has just been launched in 2022 together with the T3, H7V, L7V, etc., but we have received several suggestions from the community to make a variant of it having a 3 single-coil pickup configuration. And, that’s why in 2023, we released the latest addition to the 3-series S-style guitars which we call the S3 SSS. This model comes in Mild Green, Tobacco Sunburst, and Dakota Red respectively.
VIew full features and specs here: Sire Larry Carlton S3 SSS

To add more fun, personality, and even better playability to our T7 and S7 Vintage electric guitars, we have produced them in the recent most requested colors, too, Mild Green (MLG) and Vintage White (VWH), which go with Gold pickguard.
View full features and specs of the T7 here: Sire Larry Carlton T7

Again, the new addition to the T7 and S7 Vintage line come with Rosewood fingerboard only for the MLG and VWH finishes. The rest’s neck profile remain the same.
View full features and specs of the S7 Vintage here: Sire Larry Carlton S7 Vintage

Watch out for next year’s releases for there will surely be a blast since it’s going to be Sire’s 10th year in the industry. Be excited!