New Bass and Electric Guitar Models,
Authentic “Vintage-ness”

  Like wine, they say, things get better as they age. So, is it still possible to experience the vintage-ness of the old guitars in the newly produced guitars? Sire presents to you the latest in our signature electric and bass guitar lines, the D5, S7 Vintage, and the T7.

Let’s talk more about vintage-ness. As we continue our collaboration with the two known music legends, Marcus Miller and Larry Carlton, we also pursue innovation wherein we can let you experience the authentic old school quality and sound of our instruments.

Back in 2018, we manufactured our 2nd generation series of bass guitars built with the custom feature rolled edges in the fretboard. This feature made our basses’ necks wanted and had them selling like pies through our dealers.

Later on, we released our vintage basses, the 10 series, bearing the roasted hard maple neck, which some couldn’t believe for only belonging to its price range.

Over time, we saw that the rolled fretboard edges and the roasted hard maple neck (not to mention the topflight hardware and electronics, which will be featured on the following blogs), are seen to be the features that make up the vintage-ness of an instrument. That’s why we invested in improving these characteristics to reveal more the authentic classic qualities of our instruments without losing the roots.

Playing the above machines will let you feel like you're traveling through time. At present, our D5 will bring you back to the ‘50s while the S7 vintage and the T7 are your axes to break into the classic world.

Watch this video to learn from Marcus Miller about our Sire vintage neck: