New Gear Day Feels

New things are always exciting to have! New child, new car, new school, new job, new friends, name it! What about a new instrument for your new single or new band, or simply a new gear on a brand new day? We always feel as happy as our Sire friends for every purchase of a new Sire bass or electric guitar. If you say you feel surreal, pumped, excited, then, we feel the same way, too!

We have gathered some new gear day moments from different social media platforms to share with everyone. If you have your own stories, share them with us using #FlexYourSire on your social media posts. Enjoy!

Carina “Cici” Powell is a multi-instrumentalist from the UK. She wrote, “Demo of this stunning #Sire P5-4 is now up on my YouTube channel ‘Cici Bass’... Ridiculously incredible instrument. Thank you so much to Sire and Andertons, this is literally one of the best instruments I have ever played, heard, owned, felt… just yes.”

Watch her review and jam tunes with her new 4-string Sire P5.

Callum Marks, besides being a musician, is a loving father and a husband like some of our Sire friends. We’re glad to know a few from this profile bringing our instruments both in their homes and to their gigs as well. Below are some of Mark’s nice M2 photos from his Instagram account, with the caption, ”Having the best time getting to grips with this Sire M2, what an absolute pleasure to play.” Pleasure is ours, too!

Jimmy Lee is a talented guitarist who loves playing different genres like heavy metal and blues. He writes, plays, records the words and music of his songs all by himself. He says, “This (Sire S7) probably is the best guitar for the money