New Sire Electric and Bass Guitars Arrive for the Holidays!

We would like to make the upcoming holidays brighter so we released our 2022 new electric and bass guitar models just in time for our players to grab them and enjoy for the Christmas and New Year. A total of seven new Marcus Miller signature basses and four Larry Carlton guitars, and several exciting color additions to some of our existing models were introduced and made available in various music stores globally.

Our crowd-favorite, Sire V3, has now a new passive version called Sire V3P. Play and create fat and round sounds without thinking about what could go wrong with the electronics. In another note, our V5R and P5R models now have a variant with a Rosewood fingerboard as requested by many in our surveys. Besides our EDGELESS™ feature, the Rosewood material makes switching from one chord to another and the overall playing easier and smoother.

Premium basses alert! Our former P10 and V10 are now renamed to P10dx and V10dx to emphasize the upgraded appointments installed in the new models. These models now use USA Hipshot branded hardware components, with full flame Maple top, and go with the new Sire’s official hard case with TSA lock system when purchased. Meanwhile, the Ashwood variants of our V7 and P7 are now called P8 and V8 respectively. These J basses have been empowered with Marcus MIller-approved premium appointments for a more dynamic sound, look, feel, and overall experience. These new upgrades make the V10dx and P10dx’s prices more competitive, and the gears worth trying.

Here’s a review and demo video of all our new basses from the Andertons Music Co.

For the past years, our V3 bass model has been warmly welcomed by the community because of its components and features that can be found in higher priced guitars yet these ones are totally budget-friendly. Now, we have added the new Sire S3 and the T3 in the 3-series. These are our new Larry Carlton-approved electric guitars that have the sound, look, and feel of e-guitars in the higher price ranges. You can tell it once you’ve tried one! Meanwhile, check out the video of the Andertons Music Co on the S3 and T3 below.

The latest pickup sets installed in the new L7V and H7V set these new models apart from our original semi-hollow body and single-cut electric guitars. The L7V has the LC P90 (soapbar) pickups while the H7V has the LC P90 (dogear) pickups which are both Larry Carlton-approved to make sure his signature tones, while balancing with the sounds you need for your preferred genres, can be clearly produced using these instruments. Check out the video of the Andertons Music Co on these new e-guitar models below.

May our gears keep you company and make your celebrations with your loved ones merrier this Holiday Season. May you always be filled with joy!