Sire Larry Carlton L7 and Marcus Miller V5 get spots on

Thomann’s 2021 Top 5s

           Thomann’s Guitars and Basses is the YouTube Channel of Thomann Music, a music store based in the UK. For years, its YT channel has been giving tips and statistics on various musical instruments that make an impact. When one is up to check out reviews and demos about any musical gear, Thomann surely is the place to go.

         As Thomann Music released its top 5 basses and electric guitars for the year 2021 this October and November, we are privileged to be part of their list again. The lists are made up of the top-selling guitars, most hyped, and the personal favorites of Julia, Chris, and Guillaume of Thomann.

          Alongside other leading guitar brands in the market today, our Larry Carlton signature L7 in the all-new black and gold finish got in. As Chris demoed and played the L7, they both noted the distinct amount of clarity produced through the neck and the bridge pickups making it bring great value to all guitarists looking for a single-cut instrument.

          Julia Hofer, Thomann’s in-demand female bass player, demoed and tested why the fretless 4-string SIRE Marcus Miller V5 is on their Top 5 basses in 2021. And, the people in the comments section couldn’t agree more. Here are some of their reactions:

        “The V5 is really something special. I've had the fretted version a year and a half now. It's exactly the bass I wanted and couldn't be happier.” - Art Coates

         “I purchased the V5 fretted this summer. I really love the tones you get with this Bass!” - Mark O’Neil

         “Sire V5 fretless <3 - LOVE this bass” - Lowend Lobster

         “I think Julia's in love with the Marcus Miller fretless Jazz.” - 4stringz

        “V5 fretless has the best tone in this clip.” - Late Night

Best Guitars 2021 | Top 5 | Thomann

Best Basses 2021 | Top 5 | Julia Hofer | Thomann

  Props to all of our SIRE friends who keep on finding the joy of music with us. Meanwhile, check out the links below to watch the previous episodes of Thomann’s Top 5s where we were included since 2017.

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2018 - Marcus Miller M2 was one of their best basses for the year

2017 - the fretless Marcus Miller M7 was on their Top 5 fretless basses under 1000€

2017 - the Marcus Miller P7 in Swamp Ash made it to their Top 5 best-selling bass guitars

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