The Guitar of a Legend

  After the acceptance the music industry has given our bass guitars, we eventually launched our first ever series of electric guitars after four years. The lineup was composed of the H7, S7, and the L7, which were all built through the overall preferences of the well-known and award-winning Guitar Legend, Mr. Larry Carlton.

  In most of his years as a musician, he would be associated with his famous hollow body guitar, where he bore the name, Mr. 335. He did not spare that from us. He let us have not only his signature but especially, as we say, his musical DNA in our semi-hollow body Sire H7 among the others. You’re assured it has his taste in every edge, from the tone, look, build, down to your fingers as you get a feel of it. Play all the jazz, classic, and even the grunge with this double-cut styled instrument. Sire H7’s original finishes include vintage and cherry sunburst and see through red.

  With the recent release of the 2021 guitars, we welcomed the H7 in its new colors, black and white, along with the additional models and variants for some existing electric guitars. Stay tuned for our next blog where we’ll give you an interesting narrative about the golden features of our e-guitars.