The Most Talked about Part of Sire Guitars, What is it?

Our bass and electric guitars are well-known in the industry and community for the Rolled Fretboard Edges- a neck feature that our fan base says we do better than the others. This characteristic is a very good addition to a guitar’s neck because it adds to the comfort and playability of the instrument. Also, having it gives the impression that the guitar feels like it has been used overtime that’s why the edges have become smooth.

Surprisingly, most of the YouTube Influencers and guitarists who gave their own reviews and scrutinies of our bass and e-guitars said that they find the necks of our guitars special. They simply love the composition of our necks! Our Sire neck has the C-shape-choice wood-rolled fretboard edges makeup. So, whatever wood we use, we make sure that they are shaped asymmetrically and that the edges are smooth for maximum playing experience. There would only be some upgrades in the necks of our premium guitars because these consist of the roasted maple ones.

Undoubtedly, the most talked about part of our instruments is the one that we call, The Sire Champ Neck! So far, our Sire friends like them, which we are grateful for. We will continue to listen to your feedback so we can further improve. Stay tuned to see whether the neck is still the most favorite part or there’s a new one in the coming months.
Check out the videos of some YouTube influencers who gave account on our Sire guitars specially the neck features.
Phillip McKnight shows illustrations and demos to prove the strength of our Sire neck.

John Cordy always emphasizes the smooth neck features of the Sire electric guitars he reviews.

The LowEnd Lobster does a shootout the M5’s neck qualities compared to a more expensive brand.