The Sire S players!

It’s hard to select only one when there are many “good” choices. That’s why Sire makes sure that there will be one feature in every series that you might love and make you stand out when you play them. On the other note, there is one feature that is present in most of our basses and electric guitars that is becoming the Sire players’ favorite. - The Champ Neck!

Let’s talk about our Larry Carlton signature S- series, the S7, S7 FM, and the S7 vintage. These models were born in different eras. The S7 and its flamed maple variant came out first, then the vintage model got recently released. The S7 is the traditional S-Style gear, built and configured after the body and tone preferences of the award-winning musician and guitar legend, Mr. Larry Carlton. With that in mind, S7 FM is aesthetically standing out in the crowd. The vintage S7 gives a more classic feel and tone for modern playing. But what makes them stand out altogether is the quality of its neck.

The roasted hard maple, rolled fretboard edges, shiny and smooth fretboard and satin-finished C-shaped back are neck features mostly found in more pricey guitars. With Sire, anyone can enjoy playing more, having this quality of instruments for their rehearsals, gigs, recordings, or hobbies.

Learn more in the shootout videos of Darrel Braun and John Cordy about our Sire S-series guitars compared with the other leading electric guitars in the market.