To Finding Joy, Power, and Inspiration with Sire

(A women’s month special)

Today, women could be everything. They can be anywhere and anyone who they want to be. They are able to provide leadership, protection, provision, affection, service, fun, entertainment, and many more. Women can do so much as anybody can and they are as unique and special in their own ways with no limits as to what they can achieve. In the 1980’s, March was declared to be women’s month in the US, and eventually it has become an international celebration until today. There is always a space for each woman in every industry. That is why our bass and electric guitars, as much as they are for men, are for women, too! We always believe that men and women can be equally talented. And, this month of the year we honor our female Sire friends, too!

Unisex. The design, build, features from body to neck to headstock, hardware, electronics, and the tone of Sire basses have no favoritism. They’re for all. But allow us to share some of the bass models that are recently preferred by our female Sire friends, the Marcus Miller signatures U5, M5 and V7 among others.

They are good for any performance- live and recording, any genres- from the softest to the loudest ones, any venue- private or concert- type, and any generation- young or the experienced ones.

To further celebrate womanhood, we’ve asked some of our Sire friends about how they feel about being in the Sire family and how we’ve been able to contribute to their journey as musicians, hoping we can continue to give more women joy, power, and inspiration in their music through our instruments. Here are Isobella Burnham, a very talented artist from the UK and Jennifer Brand, a versatile model and musician from the US.