Well-known YouTuber, Musician, and Teacher features the Larry Carlton Signature Electric Guitars in His Channel

      Darrel Braun, a Canadian YouTube personality who has around 800,000 subscribers in his YouTube channel (Darrell Braun Guitar), is one of the widely known and respected Guitar Junkie whom guitar players would watch for when it comes to various demos, reviews, and many more as he “plays the world’s incredible guitars!”

      In December 2021, Braun started a series of videos in his YT channel, which he called the Sire mini series, where he featured the different Larry Carlton signature electric guitars: the semi-hollow Sire H7, the single-cut Sire L7, the S7 FM, S7 Vintage, the T7, and the T7 FM. You can watch the videos below or directly from Braun’s YT channel:


      On his first video, he did a quick storytelling on the brand’s background and a preview of the Sire guitar models he was about to give a demo and review on. Braun described the neck of these guitars as “supremely comfortable” as he talked about the popular Sire custom shop neck feature, rolled fretboard edges. Then, on the succeeding ones, he’d tell his viewers why they should watch his videos first before deciding on purchasing their next electric guitars. The mini series is up and has been receiving a great number of views and feedback from various guitar enthusiasts all over the world.

     Watch all the videos in the Sire mini series from the Darrell Braun Guitar YouTube Channel: