What is Marcus Miller’s go-to Sire bass lately?

We are forever honored to have Marcus Miller in our team not only because he is a legend but more importantly, he and Sire share the same values when it comes to music, instruments, and respect for musicians. Seeing the potential in every individual and the heart to bring joy to them by providing quality and accessible tools, in the form of our guitars, are the foundation of our relationship.

Earlier, Marcus Miller’s go-to Sire bass was a four-string V7 Vintage or sometimes, our then premium model, V10. We could see him play these basses alongside his other axes from another player in his shows. Then, after we have released our 2022 models (V8, P8, V5R, P5R, V10dx, and P10dx) he also promoted them at Sweetwater in February this year. (See our blog on this feature: Marcus Miller Speaks of His Passion for the Player-Focused Gears Sire Creates in the Sweetwater Special). His fans and followers always get delighted to see him play at any of his gigs but to see him sport Sire basses is another story. In 2023, is Miller still exhibiting the same Sire bass models in his performances?

Our Sire all-around bass, V7 is the one frequently being seen played by Marcus Miller in his recent shows. Just a quick recap, this model is the first one to have been set up to have Miller’s signature sound. This fact adds to the reasons why until now it is still one of the sought for and preferred Sire gears in the market. It’s just that, today, the one made with Alder is the only one left to be called the Sire V7. The one built with Swamp Ash body with upgraded features is now called Sire V8. Nevertheless, Marcus Miller approves all of it and continues to bring joy to those who have been playing them.

See how the Sire community reacted through a couple of feedback below:

“So cool to hear that he sports his Sire basses in concert. Not just lip service. Nothing stronger than live endorsements. I have two Sires and they are my go-tos, even over more expensive basses."
“MM playing the Signature Sire. Makes me want to get one. I can’t tell what guitar he is playing but he sounds great every time I hear him .”

Watch the full performance videos of Marcus Miller’s latest jams using the Sire V7 here:

Marcus Miller with guest Isaiah Sharkey from Inside Jazz Guitar YouTube Channel
Marcus Miller & Tom Ibarra - Jazz en Comminges 2023 - Come Together - Rappel - 4K from Olivier Debats YouTube Channel