What’s beyond the Flame Maple?

Black is classic but transparent black is something. That’s why two of our Larry Carlton signature electric guitars possess the upgraded look bearing the flamed maple top in black color, our traditional S-shaped Sire S7 and one of Sire’s latest releases— the T7. They say that the pattern is more similar to tiger stripes. Since their launch, they have been hitmakers in terms of sound and aesthetics. Now, let’s go deep dive into the features of these two and find out why guitar players of different genres love them.

Evidently, both our S-style and T-style are enhanced with the 5A flamed veneer on the body to make them look more fascinating on and off stage. To follow, their necks are C-shaped roasted hard maple with rolled fretboard edges offering the smoothness and ease when switching chords and frets. Then, the rest of their neck features like the string nuts, inlays, and neck joints are delicately installed to fit the technical requirements of each model.

As for the hardware, the T7 FM has almost the same configuration as the S7 FM, not to mention the efficient Sire Premium Locking Tuners to avoid tonal slips. Now, the exciting part is the electronics because the Sire S7 uses the traditional Super-ST pickup set basic controls and knobs while the T7 uses a more complex but specific configuration to match the LC Super-M Pickup set (Zebra type).

Take a look at the reviews of Jon is just too LouD!! on YouTube for better appreciation.

Sire T7FM

Sire S7FM