Isobella Burnham - United Kingdom

When/How did you start to find yourself into music

Music has always been a part of my life with my family always playing records growing up. When I was 4 I use to play drums on some pots and pans and host “mini concerts” in my living room for my dad! Then when I went to secondary school I took piano lessons and at 14 I had my first bass lesson and I haven’t looked back!

Who are your music influences?

Throughout learning the instrument I’ve been influenced by James Jamerson and his work with Marvin Gaye, Jaco Pastorius with Weather Report, Oteil Burbridge, and Marcus Miller.

How did you know about Sire?

I heard about sire through my good friend Aaron Layne when I was studying music at the Barbados Community College as I was looking for a new 5 string.

What is your favourite bass /guitar feature? Why?

I love the Sire pickups. No matter the style of music I play they always deliver!

Will you recommend Sire guitars to your fellow musicians? Why?

I always get complimented on my bass tone when I gig with my Sire and I’ve recommended them to people at festivals and through Instagram when people reach out and ask what bass I play. It’s the overall versatility of the instrument and quality build that means I can take my sire anywhere in the world and it’s ready to play out of the case!

What is your unforgettable experience with your Sire gear?

My unforgettable experience in playing with Tom Misch in his music video and touring with him around Asia in 2019.

What can you advise to other aspiring artists/musicians?

My advice for aspiring musicians and artists is to invest in good moulded earplugs! Wear them in your rehearsals, on your gigs and when watching gigs.