Jauqo III-X - USA

Tell us about yourself and what you’ve been up to these last few years?

My name is Jauqo III-X and I am a bass player, I lead my own band as well as perform with other artists and I also do sessions.

How did you get to know Sire Bass and what is your first impression when you play Sire bass for the first time?

I reached out to Sire because I was sincerely curious about the quality in relation to price. And when I first saw a Sire V7 J bass I was seriously impressed with the overall quality, attention to detail and the extreme versatility of the preamp, a tiny turn on any knob brings some serious noticeable differences in sound and the fact that it could easily be going for double the price that Sire is offering them for. I feel equally the same about the Sire M3 model

Are you a professional musician or a member of any band? If so, please tell us briefly about your band

I am a professional bass sit and I am the leader of the band Jauqo III-X Reality, it’s a band with a very interesting sound that is heavily fueled by groove.

When and why did you start playing bass? What kind of music do you play?

I was always drawn to sound of the bass and I was 16 years old when I finally took the dive. I play pretty much every genre you can imagine.

I have seen on your Facebook photo which has “YES, I REALLY DO HEAR THE DIFFERENCE.” Could you tell us more about that?

I am known for having some very good hearing and I can hear the things that get past most others but when it comes to the Sire the quality of sound is not that hard to discern, a very nice sounding bass.

I have seen that you have another name Jauqo IIIX reality. Could you tell us what is Jauqo IIIX reality?

Jauqo III-X Reality is the name of my band, it’s a very interesting sounding band with strong elements of Funk, improvisation and other musical genre elements.

Do you compose or produce your own music? Please give us your favorite song which defines yourself?

I do produce and compose my own music but to choose a favorite song that could define who I am would be really tough.

What does music mean to you and to the world in your opinion?

Music has been there for me at my lowest and music is a constant reminder that it will always be there for me and without music there may never exist any beautiful souls in the world. Music is definitely beyond healing.