Leon Philipsen - United Kingdom


When/How did you start to find yourself into music?

I started playing violin when I was five, my family all played instruments and music was a way of life. I began playing bass when I was about eleven.

Who are your music influences?

I'd like to think the list of influences in my playing is endless but some stand outs would be Ray Brown, Ben Kenny, Troy Antunes and Steve Harris

How did you know about Sire?

Sire was brought to my attention back in 2016 when bassist Troy Antunes said I should check them out. They have been my main axe ever since.

What is your favorite bass feature? Why?

To be honest it is very hard to pick my favourite feature on these basses, the neck feels great - very well weighted and the preamp gives so much control.

Will you recommend Sire guitars to your fellow musicians? Why?

100%! They just play and sound so great. .

What is your unforgettable experience with your Sire gear?

I think every time I pick up one of my Sires is such a pleasure that this is a hard question. When on stage and you are sitting in that pocket it's a feeling that you never forget.

What can you advise to other aspiring artists/musicians?

Just put yourself out there and keep playing. There are always hurdles but just keep the passion.