1. Tell us something about yourself and how you became a bass player.

My name is Mathieu Llopart, I am a professional bassist from Paris, France. I started bass 20 years ago playing rock covers with my friends and then step by step after a hundred concerts with my rock band "Modelo" I decided to move to Paris to become a professional musician. Since then I made many concerts, tours and records, and right now I am on tour with one of the most popular French singer Amir all around France and Europe. During my free time I also play with the band "Ok Coral" as a bassist and musical director. Besides I also work on my own project and I will probably release an EP before the end of 2017.

2. When and where did you learn about Sire? What was your first impression with our basses? How was your first gig using your Sire?

A friend of mine told me that a new brand called Sire had been working in collaboration with Marcus Miller to release affordable basses. At that time I was thinking of buying a Jazz bass so I bought a V7 4 strings and a V7 5 strings on Thomann. At first I was impressed by their high quality, these instruments are extremely well finished for their prices, then I plugged them in my amp and the sound was awesome! I decided to bring my V7 on tour with Amir and everyone was so happy with it that I finally kept it in my rig.

3. How does it feel to be the first Sire friend from France?

I am proud and honored to be the first French Sire Friend and I hope that it is just the beginning of a long story.

4. What is your favorite composition of yours and why?

It is very hard to answer because the last song I compose is always better than the older ones.

5. You are currently on tour with Amir, one of the popular singer in France. How do you approach your playing to compliment their music?

It is very exciting to play with Amir because I not only play bass but also electric double bass and Moog, and I also sing backing vocals, so it is very complete. As a sideman my aim is to play as simple and efficient as possible. To me it is important to put my « ego » on the side to serve the song and the singer.

6. You've also done many tours and concerts before. Tell us which one was your most memorable one and why?

Each tour is unique but I think that my most memorable concert was in Marseille with French singer Kendji. The audience was so excited and shouted so loud that I did not hear a single note of what I was playing during the first three songs of the set. It was totally crazy!

7. What is your dream you want to pursue in France with your profession?

I am very happy right now, I am on a big tour, I make concerts all around France and Europe and I feel lucky to make a living with my passion. I just hope that this would last as long as possible.

8. Do you still remember your first performance and how you felt? How different it is from the present?

I think that it was in a pub with my first band in Mulhouse and I was terrified! Actually It took me some time to be relaxed on stage but thank God it is not the case anymore.

9. Please tell us where we can find more about you.

On my website: www.mathieullopart.com or on my Instagram if you want to discover more about my life on tour and my passions.

10. Any words for the Bass Players out there planning to get a Sire in the future?

My words would be "GO and BUY one". I have many basses and the Sire basses are incredible for their prices. For sure you will not regret it!