Endorsement Inquiry

We do not actively seek endorsement as of the moment but feel free to send us your information at talktosire@gmail.com for future reference.

USA Dealership and International Distribution Inquiry

For dealership and distribution inquiries, kindly send an email at globalsales@sire-revolution.com.

Guitar Weight

The chart below only estimates as each model's weight varies.

Bass Guitars

M2 Avg. 3.45kg
M5 4st Avg. 3.75kg
M5 5st Avg. 4.09kg
M7 4st Alder Avg. 4.30kg
M7 4st Ash Avg. 4.44kg
M7 5st Alder Avg. 4.49kg
M7 5st Ash Avg. 4.67kg
M7 6st Avg. 4.43kg
P7 4st Alder Avg. 4.1kg
P7 4st Ash Avg. 3.8kg
P7 5st Alder Avg. 4.6kg
P7 5st Ash Avg. 4.5kg
P5 4st Avg. 3.43kg
P5 5st Avg. 4.24kg
P10 Alder 4st Avg. 4.01kg
P10 Alder 5st Avg. 4.33kg
V3 4st Avg. 4kg (5st would be a pound more)
V5 4st Avg. 4.27kg
V5 5st Avg. 4.49kg
V7 Alder 4st Avg. 4.33kg
V7 Ash 4st Avg. 4.34kg
V7 Alder 5st Avg. 4.67kg
V7 Ash 5st Avg. 4.38kg
V9 Alder 4st Avg. 4.5kg
V9 Ash 4st Avg. 4.4kg
V9 Alder 5st Avg. 4.8kg
V9 Ash 5st Avg. 4.8kg
V10 4st Avg. 4.08kg
V10 5st Avg. 4.48kg
V10 4st Avg.
U5 Avg. 3.51kg
D5 Avg. 4.02kg

Electric Guitars

H7 Avg. 3.91kg
L7 Avg. 3.94kg
S7 Avg. 3.77kg
S7 FM Avg. 3.76kg
S7 Vintage Avg. 3.50kg
T7 Avg. 3.78kg
T7 FM Avg. 3.68kg

Return Policy Inquiry

Our return policy is one month from the date of purchase.
If there is a defect in the instrument, we will refund 100% or replace it free of charge. But if the return is due to personal matters, we do not refund the shipping, and you have to send us back the instrument at your expense. We will refund the purchase of the instrument 100% less the shipping costs.
The instrument is warrantied one year for parts and labor with a limited lifetime warranty.

If you purchased via one of our dealers, kindly contact them directly regarding their return policy and warranty terms.