Inquiry about Endorsements?

We are not actively seeking new endorsement players at the moment, but if you would send us your bio and credentials, we will review them for future reference.

Inquiry about Dealership in the USA?

For dealership inquiries, kindly send an email at globalsales@sire-revolution.com.

Inquiry about a bass that is out of stock?

To serve our players' needs and for those that have awaited for their chance to get the SIRE bass. We will have an announcement for the inventory information posted on our website soon.
We will do our best to update the inventory information as much as we can, but checking back our website and noticeboard time to time will secure your chance to get the bass of your choice.
Below is our website.

Inquiry about pre-orders?

Pre-orders for the out of stock items will come from our factory in Indonesia. Our estimated ship date would be listed on the website. We are keeping up with the quality amidst the demands. We do not want to sacrifice quality over quantity, so there is a limited number of basses available. But we continue to work on the possibility of a larger production that will be available in the future. Until then, we will do our best to restock all basses as often and as fas possible in smaller quantities.
All "in stock" items will be shipped right away. We usually ship out the order the same day.
All "out of stock" items will be in pre-order and will be shipped when they are back in stock in the warehouse.

What are the SIRE bass weights?

M2: 3.45kg=7.6lbs
M7 4st Alder: 8.5-9.5lbs
M7 4st Ash: 8.8-9.8lbs
M7 5st Alder: 8.8-9.9lbs
M7 5st Ash: 9.3-10.3lbs
V3 4st: 4kg=8.8lbs (5st would be a pound more)
V7 Alder 4st: 4.33kg=9.54lbs
V7 Ash 4st: 4.34kg=9.56lbs
V7 Alder 5st: 4.67kg=10.29lbs
V7 Ash 5st: 4.38kg=9.65lbs
V9 Alder 4st: 4.5kg=9.9lbs
V9 Ash 4st: 4.4kg=9.7lbs
V9 Alder 5st: 4.8kg=10.6lbs
V9 Ash 5st: 4.8kg=10.6lbs

Inquiry about Return Policy?

Our return policy is one month from the date of purchase.
If there is a defect in the instrument, we will refund 100% or replace it free of charge. But if the return is due to personal matters, we do not refund the shipping, and you have to send us back the instrument at your expense. We will refund the purchase of the instrument 100% less the shipping costs.
The instrument is warrantied for parts and labor for one year and a limited lifetime warranty.